The Radial Appliance Kit

This package includes everything you need to put together your own Radial Appliance.

The items included are:

  • 2 pieces of Carbon Tool Steel, precision machined and drilled with a single hole on the end. The hole is tapped (threaded) and is ready for the binding post to be screwed in.
  • Four pieces of graphite. 2 pieces are wide, and two pieces are narrow.
  • Two pieces of single strength glass, to go between the two pieces of steel
  • Two binding posts, to screw into the steel
  • activated charcoal
  • One powder-coated square brass container
  • Sealant to apply over the charcoal
  • Red and black wires
  • two nickel-silver plates, pre-attached to the wires
  • Velcro
  • two banana plugs. These are attached to the wires, and facilitate quickly disconnecting the wires from the appliance

You will need a utility knife or exacto knife, a roll of masking tape (genuine 3M masking tape is recommended), and a hot-glue gun (large diameter glue sticks are included).

This is a video where I assemble one of these kits: Assembling Cayce’s Radial Appliance Kit from James Knochel on Vimeo.

Please email questions to [email protected].

I have shipped to Australia, many countries in Europe, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia…


  1. Are all of the materials being used for this kit per Cayce’s instructions, or have substitutions been made for the construction of the appliance

    1. The components are entirely as Cayce instructed.

      I have experimented with various kinds of wax as the topping material, but found those to be unacceptable. Hot glue is what the kit ships with, but if you’d prefer wax I have several choices. Cayce did say that the container could be made of Bakelite, an early plastic, and hot glue is commonly used for this purpose.

      The main concern with the topping material is keeping water out, and wax has a tendency to melt in the summer sun.

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