Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Cleaning the Body for Enhanced Intuition

How many times have you had a feeling that something was going to happen? Was that feeling accurate? Did you pay attention?

All humans constantly receive subtle signals that can assist us in creating the life we want. Some people find these signals easy to listen to, others are continually saying that they "knew" something was going to happen, while the most unfortunate lot get blindsided by life on a regular basis.

This importance of the material in this report is best exemplified by the modern satellite television service. If your satellite dish is covered with dirt and snow, your television's picture quality will be poor. Clean the dish of snow/dirt and the picture quality will instantly improve.

The body has networks of nerves that serve as antennas to help us 'tune in' to that which we are creating in our lives. By taking proper care of the body, one's ability to attract desirable circumstances and encounters in the physical world can be greatly improved.

Diet and other therapies that can quickly clear a body overloaded with waste products are covered. Having a clean body is positive for many reasons, including that it allows us to better connect with our intuition.

The old saying says "you are what you eat". This report provides information about what specifically to consume to take care of the body and various substances that can dramatically improve abdominal health and intuition.

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