Edgar Cayce’s Lost Guide to Hands-On Healing

Edgar Cayce frequently recommended that recipients of the readings get some form of hands-on treatment. Massage - from both human hands and machines powered by electricity - was commonly recommended.

While massage hasn't changed much in the 65+ years since the readings were given, but it can be quite a challenge to find some of the more-specific types of hands-on therapy that Cayce recommended.

I spent years receiving sessions and treatments from all types of professionals who worked with the body. I received benefit from some of these sessions, while others were an exercise in frustration.

After 4 years of searching, I found a true healer which greatly helped me release stored trauma.

Relaxation/meditation can greatly enhance the effectiveness of all sorts of body work. Several powerful aids to relaxation are covered.

PDF, 48 pages, delivered by $10


Edgar Cayce's Lost Guide to Hands-On Healing ($10) [dpd-atc product="19878"]
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