color vision / night vision notes

Noticed an article about color vision this morning: The Red and Green Specialists: Why Human Colour Vision Is so Odd. This article, and re-reading some of my bookmarks, helped me better understand why red and orange lights are especially useful for humans at night, and why blue-white LEDs are fundamentally defective when used outside. tl/dr:… Continue reading color vision / night vision notes

The opposite of genius

Haven’t posted anything in almost a year. I get a lot of inspiration for blog posts, but haven’t actually taken the time to flesh many of them out. Sorry about that. 🙂 I was at a local cafe this morning with my laptop. A 60-something year old man sat down at a nearby table with… Continue reading The opposite of genius

Some thoughts on insomnia

There’s a story up on slashdot about heavy sleepers. At one time I had trouble with sleeping, so I  posted a comment about how I enhanced my ability to fall asleep at night: My memories of going to sleep as a child are of tossing and turning every night in bed. My parents bought my… Continue reading Some thoughts on insomnia

Welcome to

I originally purchased some 7 years ago, when I was about to lose my longstanding email address. I didn’t put up a homepage until January 2009. After a year and a half of hand-coded webpages, I finally decided to switch to WordPress, a modern Content management system [CMS]. WordPress does all the work, and… Continue reading Welcome to