Preparing for Colds & Flus, 2021 edition

I had a sporadic cough for a long while – my brother says it was “years”. This was not an infection, just an occasional itch that could only be scratched with a cough.

In March 2020, when the media started catastrophizing about people dropping like flies during the 2019-2020 cold and flu season, I thought people would think I was sick and putting them in danger. I ordered some charred oak barrels, purchased some apple brandy and started huffing apple brandy fumes, as Edgar Cayce often recommended for restoring lungs. Upon deciding that my cough was much improved, I asked the Prescott Valley Community Market about joining them at their markets on Sundays, and have been promoting Cayce’s advocacy of inhaling apple brandy fumes ever since.

tl/dw: The ethanol is an antiseptic. Apple and oak flavoring compounds help stimulate the lungs to fix themselves.

Edgar Cayce’s Gentle Approach to health

It’s been over 18 years since I bought this domain. Around 2009 I started a little business selling a few of the items that Edgar Cayce recommended in his psychic health readings. I’ve always kept this separate from this main page (at, on account of ‘psychic’ and science’s general arrogance about how psychic is unpossible according to “the laws of physics”.

But as of 2021, I think a very good case can be made that if only our dear leaders had consulted with the Edgar Cayce readings for what to do about cold and flu season, they could’ve stood up to the charlatans who said to throw out all the prevailing science about how to respond to colds and flus.

This was just a quick video. Cayce’s core recommendation for being resilient was to consume plenty of foods with alkaline minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium).

21st Century Science Confirms Cayce’s recommendations for using inhaled ethanol to treat lung problems

Science has almost caught up with the advice that Edgar Cayce gave psychically in the early 20th Century. For example, this study found that inhaled ethanol (alcohol) reliably deactivates the sort of pathogens that Humanity is making a big deal of in 2020/2021:

Viruses such as [self-censored] and [self-censored] are lipophilic, enveloped [pathogens], and are relatively easy to inactivate by exposure to alcohols. […] By inhaling the alcohol vapor at 50~60∘C (122~140∘F) through the nose for one or two minutes, it will condense on surfaces inside the respiratory tract; mainly in the nasal cavity. The alcohol concentration will be intensified to ~36 v/v% by this process, which is enough to disinfect the corona [pathogen] on the mucous membrane. This method also provides more moisture into respiratory tract, and helps to clean the inside of the nasal cavity by stimulating blowing of the nose, and also makes the mucous escalator work actively so that the self-clearing mechanism in the trachea will remove [pathogens] faster. An alternative prompt method is also discussed. We use 40 v/v% whisky or similar alcohol, dripping on a gauze, inhale the vapor slowly at room temperature. This method works well for the front part of the nasal cavity. This is suitable for clinical workers, because they may need to use prompt preventative measures at any time.

Possibility of Disinfection of [Super-Pathogen of 2019] in Human Respiratory Tract (

Click the link for the actual text. I was previously censored by the robot do-gooders at the tech giant; hopefully removing the keywords will keep me from getting banned this time.

My first customer did end up in the hospital with a case of the super-pathogen. I heard he had fantastic lung function, the pathogen was just attacking his kidneys.


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  1. Sounds good James . I live in Cairns . Tropical North Queensland . since moving here fro Sydney . 29 years ago . have not had a cold/flu.
    Will recommend this to southern friends . Seems like it may help also with emphysema? . any thoughts? . Peace & Cheers

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