color vision / night vision notes

Noticed an article about color vision this morning: The Red and Green Specialists: Why Human Colour Vision Is so Odd. This article, and re-reading some of my bookmarks, helped me better understand why red and orange lights are especially useful for humans at night, and why blue-white LEDs are fundamentally defective when used outside. tl/dr:… Continue reading color vision / night vision notes

Why Birth Control Pills Are So Expensive

One aspect of the federally-mandated changes in insurance coverage of birth control products hasn’t gotten nearly the attention it deserves. The problem that reformers were addressing is that birth control prescriptions are expensive. It’s not just the $60 or $100/month for a pack of pills. There’s also the $60 or $100 for an appointment with… Continue reading Why Birth Control Pills Are So Expensive

The opposite of genius

Haven’t posted anything in almost a year. I get a lot of inspiration for blog posts, but haven’t actually taken the time to flesh many of them out. Sorry about that. 🙂 I was at a local cafe this morning with my laptop. A 60-something year old man sat down at a nearby table with… Continue reading The opposite of genius

When Disaster Strikes, Send The Enterprise

Whenever a disaster happens here on Planet Earth, the first responders frequently come from the Military/National Guard. They have manpower, equipment, and financial resources to respond to the unexpected. Today humanity’s greatest challenge is dealing with Mother Earth’s curveballs… Floods, Tsunamis, and Earthquakes can all dramatically upend the lives of affected people, anywhere on the… Continue reading When Disaster Strikes, Send The Enterprise